Tell Biden to Step Aside
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Tell Biden to Step Aside

To: Gov. Healey, Sen. Cronin, Rep. Higgins

From: A constituent in Leominster, MA

June 28

Democratic Party Must Call for Biden to Step Aside and Pursue Open Convention for Optimal Nominee The recent presidential debate has raised significant concerns about President Biden's ability to effectively lead the nation and run a successful re-election campaign. His performance during the debate was concerning, and it has become increasingly clear that he may not be the strongest candidate to carry the Democratic party forward. It would be in the best interest of the party and the country to pursue an open convention process to select a new nominee. An open convention would allow the Democratic party to thoroughly evaluate all potential candidates and choose the one best positioned to unite the party, energize voters, and provide a clear vision for the country's future. This process has been utilized throughout American history as a means for parties to put forth their strongest candidate, and it may be necessary this election cycle given the current circumstances. While this decision would not be easy, it is crucial that the Democratic party prioritizes putting forth a nominee who can effectively lead and has the stamina and acuity to run a successful national campaign. The future of the country is at stake, and the American people deserve a candidate who inspires confidence and can effectively govern from day one. An open convention would ensure the Democratic party nominates its best candidate to meet this critical moment.

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