Restore accountability for presidents and Supreme Court justices
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Restore accountability for presidents and Supreme Court justices

To: Pres. Biden

From: A constituent in Coopersburg, PA

July 2

The Supreme Court's recent ruling granting broad immunity to presidents for official acts while in office is a radical departure from our nation's foundational principles of accountability and the rule of law. By shielding lawbreaking presidents from criminal prosecution, this decision gravely undermines the system of checks and balances that safeguards our democracy. The Court's sweeping opinion creates dangerous ambiguity around what constitutes an "official act," placing the burden on prosecutors to overcome a presumption of immunity. This high bar obstructs the pursuit of justice and emboldens future presidents to abuse their power with impunity. We must take action to restore the balance of powers and preserve the integrity of our democratic system. I urge you to support measures to curtail the Supreme Court's overreach and hold its members accountable for rulings that subvert the rule of law and enable authoritarian overtures. The health of our republic depends on robust checks on executive power and the equal application of justice to all citizens, including the nation's highest leaders. FIGHT DIRTY.

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