Chevron Decision Means SCOTUS has Usurped the President
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Chevron Decision Means SCOTUS has Usurped the President

To: Rep. Raskin, Sen. Cardin, Sen. Van Hollen, Pres. Biden

From: A constituent in Rockville, MD

June 29

With the decision to overturn Chevron, the Supreme Court has usurped the regulatory powers of the executive branch and made the Justices (the conservative ones anyway) dictators. They have done this to a lesser extent for federal judges in circuit and appeals courts. This should be treated like the illegitimate power grab it is and the President and Democrats at large should not abide by it. What can SCOTUS do if you just say no? If you say yes, they and other conservative judges will be able to undo any environmental, consumer, and safety protections we have by judicial fiat. The Chevron decision means we are governed by an oligarchy of judges and not really a democracy anymore.

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