Condemn Israeli assault in Gaza, protect Palestinian civilians
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Condemn Israeli assault in Gaza, protect Palestinian civilians

To: Pres. Biden

From: A constituent in Ypsilanti, MI

June 29

The ongoing Israeli military offensive in Gaza has resulted in immense civilian suffering and loss of life. As of the latest reports, the violence has claimed at least 40 Palestinian lives, including children, and left over 200 more injured within a 24-hour period. Among the tragic incidents is the killing of four members of the al-Ghazi family, including a child, when Israeli forces targeted a water distribution point in Gaza City. This disproportionate use of force against the densely populated Gaza Strip is unacceptable and must be immediately halted. The cycle of violence will only perpetuate further anguish and deepen the humanitarian crisis in the besieged enclave. Urgent action is needed to protect innocent Palestinian civilians, ensure their access to basic necessities like water, and work towards a just and lasting resolution to the conflict that upholds human rights and dignity for all. The current assault is exacerbating an already dire situation and must be condemned in the strongest terms.

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