An open letter to Sen. Harckham, Assembly Member Levenberg, Gov. Hochul.
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An Open Letter

To: Sen. Harckham, Assembly Member Levenberg, Gov. Hochul

From: A verified voter in Shrub Oak, NY

June 3

You are my elected representatives and I find it disgusting that you are pushing this congestion pricing tax with no consideration to what it means to the working poor and those on fixed incomes. You push this tax on us as if only people it will hurt are drivers. We know that’s a lie. As was reported in the NY Post, business will do what they have been doing since time immemorial, passing the cost down to us. The people you claim you are concerned about. If the MTA is having trouble managing the billions they have on the transit monopoly, maybe you should hold fare beaters accountable. Instead you support soft on crime approach which is why we have the epidemic of jumping the turnstile. You are murdering the city and state with your incessant need to drain us of every nickel. We continue to hemorrhage residents to states that don’t see the people as a never ending ATM. I blame you for this and I will hold you accountable next time you are up for reelection. Eventually New Yorkers will get tired of being bled dry by our employees and will vote you out. You are slowly doing what I did not think was possible. Make NY purple. For sake our state I do hope it happens. Just shameful. Your economic ineptitude is a joke.

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