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Verified VoterCorona, NY

Masks are a public safety boon, not a threat!

Banning masks on public transit won't make anyone safer, but will spread COVID, the flu, and other respiratory conditions. People undergoing cancer treatment, folks with autoimmune conditions, pregnant people, among many others, need masks in close conditions. Instead of spending money on increasing

Map PinBrooklyn, NY

Protect our right to mask

Protect our right to mask! It’s bad enough this state has left us to fend for ourselves with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic that is still killing and disabling New Yorkers, and it is bad enough that militarized police are called in on peaceful protestors. Do not give police any additional license to

Verified VoterBuffalo, NY


I believe we SHOULD NOT BAN mask wearing. Myself and my family are immunocompromised. We are a science believing household as well and do not let irrational thinking/fears of the ignorant influence our mask wearing in public. Please stop with this right-leaning nonsense regarding mask wearing and eq

Verified VoterBrooklyn, NY

Do Not Ban Masks

I have recently been informed that in a recent interview you gave on CNN that you are considering banning masks. As your constituent and a healthcare professional, I write to urge you not to do this. Masks protect everyone (including immunosuppressed and elderly people but not limited to those group

Verified VoterGarden City, NY

End all U.S. support to the genocidal, rogue state of Israel immediately. The recent tent massacres are just further testament to this reality.

Verified VoterGarden City, NY

How to Define Foreign Aid Conditions

How many dead Gazans—refugees—will it take before you will act to end support for Israeli military action? Another ten thousand? Until Gaza is leveled into a parking lot? Until the necessary conditions not only of physical survival but cultural survival of Palestinians at large, both in Gaza where t

Verified VoterHudson, NY

I am writing to urge you to call for hearings on Justice Alito. Sternly worded requests from Senator Durbin are not enough. Justice Alito clearly believes he is above the rule of law. Is he?

Map PinJackson Heights, NY

Use Your Voice: Demand Biden Stop Arming Israel!

US facilitation of Israel’s genocidal campaign against Palestinians is more than appalling, it is illegal. See 10 USC 362, 22 USC 2378-1, and 22 USC 2378d. PLEASE use your platform to pressure Biden to begin an arms embargo, immediately! Also, Netanyahu should not be allowed to address Congress whi

Map PinBuffalo, NY

Urge support for Palestinian human rights, justice through film

The systematic discrimination and oppression of the Palestinian people by the Israeli military occupation is a grave injustice that demands global attention. Where Olive Trees Weep offers a poignant glimpse into the resilience and struggles of Palestinians under this brutal regime. Traumatized civil

Verified VoterGarden City, NY

Foreign Aid

I am sure you have heard the descriptions of crimes committed not even against POWs but against civilian Palestinian prisoners. We cannot continue to legally, economically, and diplomatically shield the state of Israel from the consequences of grave crimes against humanity. The direct refugee camp a

Map PinBrooklyn, NY

Because you sold New York City out with this congestion pricing insanity, I will be thrilled to support your opponent in the next primary. I hope you've enjoyed this single partial term as Governor. I was excited to have a female governor of my native state but you don't represent me.

Map PinNew York, NY

We need congestion pricing now!

e for issues caused by selfish drivers and the governor's last minute decision to torch the MTA's future funding to gain donations from car dealerships. drivers who are clogging up our streets and polluting our air. City residents already have high taxes and raised MTA fees, why should we have to p

Map PinBuffalo, NY

Immediate permanent ceasefire and return of the Occupied land to palastinians

I urge an immediate ceasefire and negotiations to end the escalating violence between Israel and Palestinian militant groups in Gaza. The current airstrikes and rocket attacks are causing immense suffering and civilian casualties on both sides. This cycle of violence must be broken through dialogue

Verified VoterGarden City, NY

Foreign Aid in the Levant

Cut all forms of support to the Israeli government under Netanyahu and Herzog. Make it abundantly clear that using aid trucks as illegal cover for attacking civilians is not ok.

Map PinBuffalo, NY

Requesting factual evidence before promoting claims against organizations

AIPAC's outsized influence over members of Congress raises concerns. Thomas Massie alleges some representatives receive substantial funding and take policy positions favorable to AIPAC regardless of conflicts with their constituents' interests. An independent investigation could clarify whether undu

Map PinNew York, NY

Congestion pricing

Hello. I’m incredibly disappointed that you reneged on congestion pricing. We had the chance to be leaders in addressing climate change in NYC while generating much needed revenue for the MTA. Now it seems your plan is to punish local business owners with more taxes? The rent is already too high for

Map PinNew York, NY

I am outraged that the NY HEAT Act was not passed in this legislative session. Why do we have a Democratic trifecta in this New York if we do not dare to lead on policies that we know will transition us away from fossil fuels? The NY HEAT Act would have protected ratepayers from bearing the costs (c

Verified VoterGarden City, NY

Foreign Aid; Levant

I consistently find that I am both unsurprised and deeply shocked that you have yet to speak on the atrocities of the Israeli military. Today's attack on a refugee camp, which supposedly was off limits, lead to the death of around 200 refugees. Today I was proud to stand with over 70,000 Americans i

Map PinHicksville, NY

200 Palestinians in a refugee camp massacred to get 4 Israeli hostages. I finally understand the math you’ve been using - 1 Israeli life = 50 Palestinian lives, babies, children, women - no matter. So if 1000 Israelis lost their lives on October 7th, will you finally make it stop when 50,000 Palest

Map PinBay Shore, NY

I'm against H.R. 6408/S. 4136. This bill would go against the 1st amendment and punish groups for free speech. s supporting Hamas is essentially making support of Palestinians illegal. We see what you're doing with your language. Specifying that the bill would only affect terrorist organizations b

Map PinBay Shore, NY

Israel’s recent rescue mission of four hostages was a horrible fail ure. Over 200 Palestinians were killed in the process. It was in no ways a targeted attack with the amount of bombs dropped and civili an casualties. If Israel cares about the hostages, they’d agree to or at least wor k in a deal t

Map PinBrooklyn, NY

Congestion pricing must continue as passed by law! You must pressure Governor Kathy Hochul to go back on her illegal pause to the program. Don’t support alternatives that are worse, congestion price should continue democratically. You need to make public statements in support of congestion pricing a

Map PinBrooklyn, NY

Congestion pricing must continue as passed by law! Don’t give Governor Kathy Hochul any cover for her illegal wish to pause the program. Don’t pass alternatives that are worse, congestion price should continue democratically.

Map PinBuffalo, NY

USA is an immigrant country. Help to promote it for all immigrant applicants.

Sponsoring a refugee family means providing critical financial and logistical support to help them escape the ravages of war and rebuild their lives in safety. It involves covering expenses like travel, housing, food, and other essentials as they resettle in a new country. This humanitarian act offe

Verified VoterGarden City, NY

Consider Serious Conditions on Foreign Aid; the Levant

End all support in all forms to the genocidal, rogue state of Israel. It is not, contrary to the position of the state department, ok to "try and target ... civilians" but a breach of the Geneva conventions and a serious war crime. End this genocide. Save Gazans. What the IDF started bombing your ch

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