Reject AB 3080, the blatant violation of internet privacy
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Reject AB 3080, the blatant violation of internet privacy

To: Asm. Alanis, Gov. Newsom, Sen. Eggman

From: A constituent in Modesto, CA

May 2

I urge you on behalf of your constituents in California to reject AB 3080. It restricts our freedom on the internet in favor of being overly restrictive and compromising our privacy and data just to "protect children." This will not protect children. If anything, this will lead to more data breaches and identity theft, not to mention the restriction of LGBT content. California is a state that touts itself as being progressive, why encourage censorship? We should be teaching parents how to hold themselves accountable for what their children view on the internet instead of punishing citizens by violating their privacy. I cannot believe in this day and age I am forced to verify my identity as an adult just to access content (whether or not it's actually pornographic, oftentimes censor filters catch something that is very much NOT pornographic) so we can justify parents being lazy. It's completely ridiculous. We should encourage personal responsibility, not nanny other peoples' children for them. Please reject this censorship and violation of privacy.

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