Please don’t normalize Biden’s genocidal behavior!
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Please don’t normalize Biden’s genocidal behavior!

To: Rep. Ocasio-Cortez

From: A constituent in Jackson Heights, NY

April 25

As your constituent, I wanted to write to express my disappointment with a recent online ad I saw that you did with President Biden for the Climate Corps. I do understand that the upcoming election is important to preserve democracy, and I get that you feel that it is necessary to continue to support President Biden. However, is doing ads and publicity events with him really the signal you want to send right now? He may be marginally better/safer than Trump, but he is overseeing a genocide in Gaza with impunity and plowing us forward into deeper conflict in the Middle East. The administration’s total disregard for the opinion of the American public on this issue is deeply problematic. Any support of the administration beyond the most basic is just serving to green-light its genocidal behavior. Biden’s support for genocide is way outside the bounds of acceptability and normalcy, so why continue to treat him as a normal president? I respect and appreciate the difficult position that Biden and other zionist Democrats are putting you in, but we need you to be a stronger voice on this issue. We cannot allow a genocidal president to be normalized! As always, thank you for your work.

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