Urgent matter regarding Navient and Sweet v Cardona refund
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Urgent matter regarding Navient and Sweet v Cardona refund

To: Pres. Biden

From: A constituent in Maplewood, NJ

June 5

I am writing to seek your assistance regarding a serious issue I am experiencing with my student loan servicer, Navient. It appears that they have purposefully and maliciously provided incorrect information in relation to the discharge and refund of my federal student loans under the Sweet v. Cardona lawsuit. To provide you with some background, my original student loan amount was about $32,000, which I took out upon graduation in 2007. Over the years, according to my records, and the recorded phone call I have with Navient, I have paid more than $70,000 towards these federal loans and an additional $30,000 towards my private loans. I have an audio recording of a conversation with a Navient representative who provided a full breakdown of all the payments I have made to date. According to my understanding of the Sweet v. Cardona settlement, I was supposed to receive a refund for all the payments I made on my federal loans. However, despite having paid over four times my original loan amount, I have only received a refund check for $3,000. This amount is significantly lower than what I am entitled to. Moreover, when I have requested further information and documentation from Navient, they have denied my requests. They have only offered to mail me financial documents from the past 90 days, which is insufficient for resolving this issue. Additionally, I have faced continuous harassment and refusal of information from Navient representatives. Given the severity of this situation and the substantial financial and emotional toll it has taken on me, I am requesting your immediate assistance to investigate this matter. I believe Navient has acted in bad faith and violated the terms of the Sweet v. Cardona settlement by providing false information and withholding essential documentation. I am available to provide any additional information or evidence you may require, including the audio recording of my conversation with the Navient representative. Your support in this matter would be greatly appreciated, as I seek to resolve this issue and obtain the full refund I am entitled to. Thank you for your attention to this urgent matter.

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