Biden should withdraw for stronger Democratic nominee against Trump
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Biden should withdraw for stronger Democratic nominee against Trump

To: Pres. Biden

From: A constituent in Raleigh, NC

May 24

Biden should step aside from the 2024 election to increase the chances of defeating Donald Trump. Recent polls show Biden trailing Trump in key battleground states, and his low support among young, Black, and Hispanic voters is concerning. His age and perceived lack of vigor also work against him. His position on Israel's genocide of Palestinians has made him unelectable. By voluntarily withdrawing, Biden can go down in history as the person who beat Trump twice - once by winning in 2020, and again by clearing the way for a stronger Democratic nominee. An open Democratic convention would generate excitement and viewer interest, allowing the party to unite behind a fresh face better positioned to tackle issues like inflation and foreign policy challenges. While surrendering incumbency advantages, Biden has achieved notable successes yet still faces blame on various fronts. A new nominee could more effectively address intractable problems. President Biden has a unique opportunity to put country over self-interest and ensure a Democratic victory over Trump. His withdrawal could reinvigorate the Convention process and allow Democrats to nominate a candidate with the vigor and broad appeal to resoundingly defeat Trump in 2024.

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