Restore full military aid to enable Israel's self-defense
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Restore full military aid to enable Israel's self-defense

To: Pres. Biden

From: A constituent in Bridgewater, NJ

May 9

As a Jewish voter, I am deeply concerned about President Biden's decision to withhold certain weapons from Israel that could be used in an assault on Rafah. Israel has the inherent right to defend itself against the terrorist threat posed by Hamas and other extremist groups. Denying Israel access to heavy munitions hinders its ability to neutralize these dangers and protect its citizens. The United States has historically provided robust military aid to our ally Israel, and any disruption to this aid jeopardizes Israel's security at a critical juncture. I firmly believe the Biden Administration should reconsider this policy and fully reaffirm its commitment to arming Israel with the means necessary to combat terrorism and safeguard its people. A strong Israel serves America's interests in promoting regional stability and countering the influence of Iran and its proxies. Jewish Voters who voted for Biden in 2020 may not vote for him in 2024 because these decisions break the trust of American Jews and the Democratic Party. I urge you to press the President to restore the military support Israel requires to prevail against its adversaries and deter further aggression.

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