An open letter to Sen. Murray, Sen. Cantwell, Rep. Smith.
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An Open Letter

To: Sen. Murray, Sen. Cantwell, Rep. Smith

From: A verified voter in Des Moines, WA

July 7

I was absolutely furious to learn that you have joined some Democrats in asking Biden to step aside. I voted for Biden in the primary and my vote needs to be counted. Do you not remember what has happened every single time the incumbent president has stepped aside? Democrats lost the election. Biden has far surpassed my expectations in job performance. He was not my first choice in 2020, but he’s done an absolutely masterful job. It is reckless and dangerous to allow the GOP and the media to push this narrative just because Trump used the Gish Gallop technique and Biden wasn’t prepared for that. CNN mediators did nothing to stop the lies and everyone should have known better. All media outlets are ignoring Project 2025, the Epstien files, Trump’s many crimes, the Supreme Court’s disastrous decisions and the very real threat to our democracy. Did you even ask the voters like me before you came out with this? GOP are delighted that you’re running scared and they will attack any Democratic candidate with lies, smears and anything they can find because they no longer care about the people in this country or the country itself. They only care about power and controlling everyone else to push their religious extremism and to become even more wealthy at our expense. Now is not the time to abandon a proven leader. You will not find anyone who can withstand the GOP propaganda, lie and smear machine. You have to stand up to it and unite or we will fail. Don’t sign on to the failure. The people back Biden and you should, too.

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