Urging Biden to STAY & FIGHT
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Urging Biden to STAY & FIGHT

To: Pres. Biden

From: A constituent in Saint Francisville, LA

July 3

Please stay in the race! We love you. We voted for you KNOWING that you were elderly and that, one day, Vice President Harris might need to step in… though we DO NOT BELIEVE that that time is anywhere near. We believe in you. Frankly, we also DONATED to you. We did not donate our money to you and Harris, only to have someone else take over now. Like so many other Americans, we find it extremely disappointing to watch members of our own party going after you publicly. It’s disgusting. They need to have respect for our votes, our wishes. We may not be wealthy donors, but our votes for you and Harris should count. We truly believe in you, Sir. Please keep going! We need you now more than ever, and we need those others to shut up and keep their hand-wringing to themselves. We are all in this together as we work to preserve democracy.

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