An open letter to Rep. Wenstrup, Sen. Vance, Sen. Brown.
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An Open Letter

To: Rep. Wenstrup, Sen. Vance, Sen. Brown

From: A constituent in Lucasville, OH

June 3

The right to access contraception and receive health insurance coverage for contraceptive care is vital for reproductive autonomy and healthcare equity. H.R. 8373 takes an important stance against the denial of federal benefits to those convicted of certain sex crimes, reflecting a commitment to accountability. However, this bill does not directly address contraceptive rights or insurance coverage for contraception. To safeguard these critical issues, comprehensive legislation is needed to enshrine protections for contraceptive access and healthcare coverage into law. Such measures would ensure all individuals have the fundamental right to make informed decisions about their reproductive health without undue barriers or discrimination. Protecting contraceptive rights upholds principles of bodily autonomy, gender equality, and access to essential preventive healthcare services. Legislating robust contraceptive protections is an urgent priority to defend these freedoms in the face of ongoing threats and restrictions. I urge the advancement of policy solutions to solidify legal safeguards for contraception and contraceptive care coverage nationwide.

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