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To: Sen. Cruz, Rep. Pfluger, Sen. Cornyn

From: A verified voter in Mason, TX

June 6

Greetings. I am a voting constituent in rural west Texas. Here’s the candidate that you think is gonna win the women’s vote in November… In a Fox News interview on Wednesday, after lying, again, about Democrats being happy with abortions up to 9 months and beyond, DJT went on to say “Hard to believe, they have some states passing legislation where you can execute the baby after birth. It’s crazy.” Which states please? And define crazy. He repeated the lie that “everyone” — including legal scholars on both sides of the aisle — have wanted to overturn Roe v. Wade since the 1973 ruling was handed down.  Categorically false. He bragged about his efforts to end the right to an abortion by appointing the three conservative Supreme Court Justices that ultimately upended Roe. Categorically true. He went on to add that leaving abortion laws to the states has worked out well.  “Now the states are deciding,” and that “it’s a beautiful thing to watch.” Define beautiful. As was observed, “Donald Trump thinks it’s ‘beautiful’ that a 13-year-old rape victim was forced to carry the pregnancy due to Mississippi’s abortion ban; that a young woman in Texas almost died because doctors were afraid to treat her; and that a Florida woman was turned away from the emergency room and lost roughly half her blood in a single day after experiencing a miscarriage.” “Anyone who thinks women dying or suffering extreme physical, mental, and emotional harm because they can’t access reproductive health care is a ‘beautiful thing to watch’ is fundamentally unfit to serve.” Nearly 20 states have severe or near-total abortion bans in place, setting off a crisis of maternal health care for millions across the country. Women have been denied care and left to bleed out in hospital parking lots or were forced to travel out-of-state. Others had to carry unwanted pregnancies to term, forcing them to stay with abusive partners or have children they couldn’t afford.  Yep. He’s gonna do great.

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