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President Biden

To: Rep. DeSaulnier, Sen. Padilla, Sen. Butler

From: A verified voter in Concord, CA

July 8

Dear Senator Butler, Senator Padilla and Congressman DeSaulnier, Please support our President! The media and several members of Congress have sent out statements about President Biden “needing to step down “ That is outrageous and shameful !! We, the People, voted for Biden in 2020, and voted for Biden in the 2024 primary because we know and believe that Biden can and will do everything to protect and defend our rights and freedoms as stated in our Constitution. The Dems , along with the media , are spreading doubt and “concern” They are also helping the Convicted Felon and maga in their campaign!!!😡😡😡 Please speak up and support President Biden in the Senate and the House and most importantly, when you address the public . This election will decide the future of our country and our democracy! Thank you ! Evanne Jordan 94518

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