An open letter to Pres. Biden, Rep. Ciscomani, Sen. Sinema, Sen. Kelly.
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An Open Letter

To: Pres. Biden, Rep. Ciscomani, Sen. Sinema, Sen. Kelly

From: A verified voter in Cochise, AZ

May 2

It is a mystery why you think Americans will become quiet because you told us to accept your "Superior intelligence" 80% of Americans are telling you that we are distressed and disgusted by the Israeli assault on Gaza. You refuse to believe that we have valid concerns. You assume that you can tell us what to think. That we will quietly shut up and go away as soon as you tell us that we are wrong. Why are YOU so misguided? Do you think we are going to blindly follow you because you tell us that what we see on social media is not happening? Do you think we will change our minds because of the police are breaking heads? Do you think going to jail will make us decide the Palestinians deserve to suffer because you told us so? If you had the good sense that God gave you, you would look at history and say "maybe we should listen when people are mad." If you are too young to remember the civil rights or Vietnam War demonstrations, you better review that history. But obviously NONE of you have. Someday you will change your tune and tell us that you were Pro-Palestinian all along. But it's going to be too late! Because you're going to be gone, gone -Gone from office!

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