Oppose KY HB 304: Keep KY students safe!
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Oppose KY HB 304: Keep KY students safe!

To: Gov. Beshear, Rep. Stalker, Sen. Berg

From: A constituent in Louisville, KY

January 30

KY HB 304, which would force educators to disclose a student's gender identity to their parents, is deeply troubling. This legislation not only infringes on the rights of transgender and non-binary students but also puts them at risk. It is crucial to respect and protect the privacy of all students, particularly those who are already more vulnerable. Therefore, the request is to OPPOSE KY HB 304 and instead, focus on legislation that upholds the rights and safety of all students, regardless of their gender identity. The ultimate aim should be to foster an educational environment that is inclusive, respectful, and safe for everyone.

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