An open letter to Sen. Cornyn.
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An Open Letter

To: Sen. Cornyn

From: A constituent in Harker Heights, TX

May 31

I am deeply disappointed and disgusted by your response to the conviction of Donald Trump. The justice system worked exactly as it should have returning a just and fair verdict. A jury of his peers heard all the evidence and returned a guilty verdict. He had a vigorous defense but the evidence clearly showed his guilt. Your response saying “this verdict is a disgrace, and this trial should have never happened” reveals the depths of your contempt for the rule of law and inability to act independently. You showed your shameless obsequiousness and desire not to help the people of Texas but to kowtow to the fascist MAGA base. Your actions have further eroded trust in our justice system and show only that your desire is to tear that system down so you and your ilk can force your authoritarianism upon all Americans. I look forward to contributing to your Democratic opponent and seeing you defeated in 2026.

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