SCOTUS Ethics Amendment
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SCOTUS Ethics Amendment

To: Sen. Tillis, Rep. McHenry, Sen. Budd

From: A verified voter in Hickory, NC

June 7

l within the Supreme Court of the United States. Rep Goldman has introduced H.R.8609 to amend title 28, United States Code, to establish an Office of Ethics Counsel and an Office of Investigative Counse t is left to police itself. This is an effort that all Americans should support as all Americans will benefit. Every sitting justice is bound by a set of ethics yet the Supreme Cour Any Supreme Court justice, conservative or liberal, has at this time the ability to accept cases regardless of conflict, effectively putting their thumb on the scale, denying impartial rulings for their own personal gain. unethical behavior must be closed. Just as you are subject to ethics reviews, so should they be. This needs to be corrected with bipartisan legislation. Support of this amendment in the house and passage in the senate is essential. This loophole for Thank you for your time, your service, and your attention to this matter. End

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