An open letter to Sen. Kelly, Pres. Biden, Sen. Sinema, Rep. Ciscomani.
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An Open Letter

To: Sen. Kelly, Pres. Biden, Sen. Sinema, Rep. Ciscomani

From: A verified voter in Cochise, AZ

May 5

On this day I am finding out from an Australian reporter that you are seriously underfunding the defense of the United States interests in the Arctic. In other words while you are shipping bombs to Israel like confetti at a wedding. You are ignoring the United States need for icebreakers to defend our Arctic interest from Russia. If only you, the representatives that Americans elected, were actually interested in working for the United States of America instead of facilitating the crimes of Israel . Notice: I fully support sending weapons to Ukraine! They deserve those weapons to defend against Russia. Not Israel! Israel has sucked up the lion's share of American aid. It time to stop funding the colonialism of Israel and laying down like a rug for Russia.

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