"Reconsider AI Safety Consortium Membership for Inclusivity and Effectiveness"
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"Reconsider AI Safety Consortium Membership for Inclusivity and Effectiveness"

To: Sen. Braun, Rep. Banks, Sen. Young

From: A constituent in Churubusco, IN

February 24

The current composition of the AI Safety Consortium, which includes AI companies, some with a history of harmful practices, is unacceptable. These companies should not be in a position to influence the consortium's decisions, particularly regarding legislation. Their role should be limited to providing data for analysis and review. It is imperative to diversify the consortium's membership by including cybersecurity and privacy experts, as well as communities directly affected by AI advancements such as artists, writers, and coders. Their unique perspectives and expertise are essential for a comprehensive and unbiased approach to AI safety. Therefore, a complete restructuring of the consortium's composition is requested, excluding AI companies from decision-making roles and prioritizing the inclusion of the aforementioned groups. This change will ensure the consortium's credibility and effectiveness in addressing AI safety issues.

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