Protect democracy, enact presidential eligibility standards
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Protect democracy, enact presidential eligibility standards

To: Rep. Turner, Sen. Brown, Sen. Vance

From: A verified voter in Dayton, OH

June 2

The United States has witnessed an alarming erosion of democratic norms and adherence to the rule of law. It is imperative that Congress takes decisive action to uphold the fundamental principles upon which our nation was founded and restore faith in our institutions. The prospect of a convicted felon occupying the highest office in the land poses an existential threat to the integrity of our constitutional republic. Congress must act swiftly to enshrine safeguards that prevent individuals found guilty of criminal conduct from seeking the presidency. Such measures are crucial to preserving the sanctity of our electoral process and ensuring that those entrusted with leading our nation exhibit the utmost ethical standards befitting the office. The American people deserve leaders of unimpeachable character who will steadfastly defend the values and ideals that have guided our democracy for centuries.

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