Protect Ideas and Eliminate Book Bans
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Protect Ideas and Eliminate Book Bans

To: Sen. Trumbull, Gov. Desantis, Rep. Rudman

From: A constituent in Crestview, FL

February 8

I am your constituent and I want you to know that book bans in schools or in public libraries are not in the public interest. Having free access to a wide variety of ideas helps us all to learn, broaden our experience, grow and become better problem solvers. If someone is offended by a topic they should steer clear of it. I just learned that a new law went into effect in Illinois that outlaws book bans thus encouraging schools and libraries to embrace education, literary justice, and equity. It is Public Act 103-0100 Here is a link to the Illinois law: I want you to build and enact a similar bill for our state and protect the free flow of ideas. Thank you.

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