An open letter to Sen. Padilla, Sen. Butler.
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An Open Letter

To: Sen. Padilla, Sen. Butler

From: A verified voter in Albany, CA

June 9

I’m writing to you today about two critical issues plaguing our country. One is about the attacks on women’s rights and the horrendous anti abortion legislation in many States. I urge you to vote YES on the right to IVF act. The second concerns the invitation to the prime minister of Israel to speak in Congress. I am Jewish, I support the existence of the state of Israel and I am devastated by the actions of Mr. Netanyahu’s right wing government. While he himself may not espouse the extreme views of some of the cabinet ministers, he was condoned actions which would cripple any semblance of democracy in Israel. He has overseen an increasingly harsh and cruel occupation of the West Bank. He has made sure that Gaza is currently being reduced to rubble, thousands of Palestinians killed as “collateral damage’ and thousands terrorized and made homeless in a useless retaliation war which will not achieve the peace and stability for either Israelis or C Palestinians. I am appalled and enraged that the Democrats in the Senate are stooping so low as to invite this man to speak and attempt to justify, as President Biden finally gave voice to, his murderous actions to stay in power and out of jail. This only serves AIPAC who as you know are using their money to defeat progressive Democratic candidates. In addition just because the US is not a member of the ICC, does not mean that we should flaunt their rulings and invite people to speak who are under indictment by the court, rather than arrest them as would happen in any other democratic country! Please step up and speak loudly against this invitation. The vast majority of Jews are not in support of AIPAC and their actions.

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