Texans need relief
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Texans need relief

To: Sen. Perry, Lt. Gov. Patrick, Rep. Burrows, Gov. Abbott

From: A verified voter in Lubbock, TX

May 2

Millions of Texans are struggling financially. I am from Lubbock Texas, which was once a cheap place to live. However the housing market is insane, and the pay scale as well as jobs available in west Texas is severely lacking. Texas needs to get its act together and be stronger for its people. Grocery costs are up 17%, rental prices up 30%. Guess how much salaries have increased? 4.3%. Let me break down my cost of living for you $1500 rent (cheapest I could find) $400 car payment $120 car insurance $50 gas (going only to work and back) $170 average electric $40 gas bill $20 water bill $80 phone Totaling $2383 BEFORE I feed myself, pay health insurance, and my credit card bill. I work 40 hours a week making 14 an hour. 2383-1960 (gross income) = 423. This is not okay. We are DROWNING

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