The TikTok Ban, the 1st Amendment, and CA Businesses
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The TikTok Ban, the 1st Amendment, and CA Businesses

To: Gov. Newsom

From: A constituent in Sherman Oaks, CA

April 25

The President has signed a bill that could and the TikTok app and related apps such as the CapCut video editor and the Lemon8 social app. This attempt to ban one app is, in my opinion, a blatant violation of Californians freedom of speech. In addition, the app is vital to the California economy, benefiting small businesses as well as major companies. The banning of this app would create undo hardship for businesses across the board in the state. I am writing to urge you and Attorney General Rob Bonta to look into the possibility of a lawsuit on behalf of the state of California against the Federal Government, pointing out the violations of the First Amendment this poses and the damage this can do to businesses. Thank you for your consideration.

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