Israel is using Gaza genocide to sell military equipment
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Israel is using Gaza genocide to sell military equipment

To: Pres. Biden, Sen. Shaheen, Sen. Hassan, Rep. Pappas

From: A constituent in Merrimack, NH

February 22

Do you remember the Holocaust? Do you remember Germany's war machine? I remember President Eisenhower's warning against the military-industrial complex. Israel is using the Gaza genocide as a marketing tool to sell military equipment. They are generating sales materials for AI WEAPONS from the atrocities they are committing against Gaza citizens. Everyday that President Biden continues to support Israel is another day that Israel gains on the stock market! Support for Israel is a transparent marketing decision to perpetuate genocide for profit. Can you could see how evil this is? -The United States must unilaterally withdraw from any support of Israel. - Congress must cancel all military contracts with Israel. - Congress must resume support for UNRWA. Any other action or no action means that you support genocide, the massacre of Palestinians, to promote a war machine. Are you currently invested in military stock?

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