Bipartisan Safer Community Act
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Bipartisan Safer Community Act

To: Sen. Hickenlooper, Sen. Bennet, Rep. Boebert

From: A constituent in Paonia, CO

May 14

I'm urging you to do everything you can to protect ATF's final "engaged in the business" rule. I am your constituent! When the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act was passed in 2022, Congress updated the nation's gun laws. ATF's new "engaged in the business" rule implements the changes that Congress made in the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act to require more unlicensed gun sellers to become licensed firearms dealers and, in turn, conduct background checks. Background checks save lives—keeping guns out of the hands of those who are not allowed to purchase or possess firearms, including domestic abusers and individuals with felony convictions. ATF's rule provides clear guidance that people who seek to sell guns for profit—whether that's a brick-and-mortar store, a gun show, or online—must become licensed dealers and run background checks. The rule won't just help strengthen public safety, but will also help law enforcement solve gun crimes. It will also make it more difficult for criminals to purchase illegal guns and for gun traffickers to acquire them. Simply put: More background checks mean fewer illegal guns and less gun violence. Thank you for protecting ATF's life-saving rule and ensuring that ATF has the resources to implement it.

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