Support H.R. 3736: Extending Access to Addiction Treatment Act
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Support H.R. 3736: Extending Access to Addiction Treatment Act

To: Sen. Kelly, Rep. Stanton, Sen. Sinema

From: A constituent in Chandler, AZ

April 28

The Extending Access to Addiction Treatment Act, H.R. 3736, is a vital measure for ensuring comprehensive healthcare for all. By extending the requirement for State Medicaid plans to cover medication-assisted treatment until 2035, it addresses the pressing need for accessible addiction treatment. This is not merely a health issue, but a matter of social justice, as it can help disrupt the cycle of criminalization often linked with addiction. Please support H.R. 3736 to promote equitable access to treatment for addiction. It is crucial to endorse this bill and ensure its swift passage through the Committee on Energy and Commerce. The health and well-being of our communities hinge on it.

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