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Rep. Greg Stanton

Verified VoterChandler, AZ

President Biden has done a great job as our leader. The time to step aside is now. We need to win this election, and the electorate has lost confidence in Mr. Biden. Please preserve the legacy of this administration by stepping aside.

Verified VoterChandler, AZ

Joe will not win. We need to win. Step aside, Joe.

Verified VoterChandler, AZ

Joe Must Go

The stakes couldn’t be higher. If the Democrats are going to win in November, Joe has to go NOW. The GOP are going to rally around Trump like never before. We need a stronger candidate than them. Step down now and save us the disappointment of massive losses down the ballot.

Verified VoterChandler, AZ

I’m with Clooney. It’s time to go, Joe.

We cannot afford to gamble on this election. I’ve been a supporter of President Biden since he was Obama’s VP pick. I’m afraid I believe it’s time for him to retire. I urge the president to make the decision to step down and preserve his legacy. Otherwise, Trump will mop the floor with him and take

Verified VoterChandler, AZ

It’s Time for Joe to Go

President Biden should see the writing on the wall and step aside to allow a younger candidate to run for president. We absolutely must beat Trump and Project 2025. Please pass the torch to Kamala Harris or an open convention.

Verified VoterChandler, AZ

Step Aside, Joe

President Biden should accept that he had a great run in his term. Now he should step aside and let another Democrat take the wheel. We need to beat Trump, and Biden’s not going to get us there. Democracy depends on this. This is not the time for hubris.

Verified VoterChandler, AZ

President Biden Should Retire and Enjoy Life After Politics

President Biden has been an honorable public servant, but I don’t believe he can beat Trump. I urge him to step aside and either pass the torch to VP Harris, or announce his retirement and allow the party to have an open nomination at the democratic convention. Our democracy is at stake. We need a l

Verified VoterChandler, AZ

Three ways the Democrats can win in November

We have come to a crossroads in the history of the USA both locally and internationally. This election could very well mark the final downfall of the US empire as you each keep trying to tell us OR it could mark the start of a New Great Era. Like France, we have several deep coalitions working right

Verified VoterPhoenix, AZ

I fully support Biden in his bid for re-election. We must beat Trump or our democracy will end, at least for women, LGBTQ and minorities. I’ve already lost my reproductive freedom and I’m appalled to see SCOTUS grant presidents unheard of immunity. They are NOT Kings! Support Biden or I fear we

Verified VoterChandler, AZ

President Biden Should Step Aside

Despite President Biden’s insistence that he’s not going anywhere, as a constituent of yours and Biden voter, I’d like to firmly state that I don’t believe he’s capable of being re-elected. Please encourage the President to step aside and let a younger candidate have their chance. You can tell him

Map PinChandler, AZ

CITIZENS AND VOTERS NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THE REAL AND PRESENT DANGER OF PROJECT 2025! The far-right's Project 2025 agenda represents an assault on democratic principles and the system of checks and balances enshrined in the Constitution. This authoritarian playbook seeks to concentrate power in the p

Verified VoterChandler, AZ

It’s time for the President to step aside.

President Biden has spent a lifetime practicing public service for our country. It’s been an honor to see him rise to the Presidency. However, it’s time for him to pass the torch. Respectfully, I’d like to request that he step down with honor. It’s the right thing to do for our country.

Verified VoterChandler, AZ

Urge Biden to Step Down

Please urge President Biden to step aside and allow a younger candidate to run in his place. There’s no way the democrats will win the upcoming election if Biden’s our guy.

Verified VoterChandler, AZ

If Biden is our candidate, we are absolutely going to lose. Democrats need to stand together and plead with him to drop his candidacy.

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