Stop Attacking Americans
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Stop Attacking Americans

To: Pres. Biden

From: A verified voter in Charlotte, NC

May 1

You understand how transparent it is that you pocketed like a dozen "campaign promises" to pull out when you do something horrendous and tank in the polls, right? It's not a secret that for the first time in 4 years you tried actually doing a handful of popular things. Yeah, we know you're doing that because you're trying to cover up Netanyahu's war crimes. Get the hell out of the ICC's way and let them do their job and hold that Nazi state to account. You are a genocidaire. Your legacy is bloodshed. Drop out of the race and resign. "Vote for me to avoid fascism," my brother in Christ you are the fascist. Also, we know damn well you're fixating on random minority agitators with your rhetoric. I've visited this protest. The "antisemitism" you speak of is not there. Many of the protestors are Jewish - a people you apparently don't care about, because you sicc'd the nation's police force on them to beat them in the streets. Resign. Now. If you're his staffer reading this, what are you doing? This is clearly who he is. Resign already so maybe he will get the message that HE is the one who needs to resign and make room for a Democratic candidate with some morals. By the way, the College Democrats rebuking you is hilarious. At least the kids are alright. Can't wait till we move past your bloodthirsty generation.

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