Rubio undermines the rule of law just like Fidel Castro
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Rubio undermines the rule of law just like Fidel Castro

To: Sen. Rubio, Sen. Scott, Rep. Castor

From: A verified voter in Tampa, FL

June 4

Marco Rubio's remarks equating the trial of Donald Trump to "show trials" in communist countries undermine the integrity of the American judicial system and the rule of law. Such statements are reminiscent of the rhetoric used by authoritarian leaders like Fidel Castro to delegitimize due process and fair trials. The United States prides itself on an independent judiciary and respect for the democratic process, values that are fundamentally at odds with the baseless claims made by Rubio. His words betray the struggles of those who have fled oppressive regimes to seek freedom and justice in America. Diminishing the judicial process that upheld the law is a disservice to the nation and an affront to those who have sacrificed for democratic principles. The American people deserve elected leaders who uphold the Constitution, not make inflammatory statements that echo the propaganda of dictators. Rubio's allegiance seems to lie more with defending a convicted felon than preserving the institutions that make the United States a beacon of liberty and justice.

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