Student protests/Gaza
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Student protests/Gaza

To: Pres. Biden

From: A verified voter in Valley Cottage, NY

May 1

First, thank you for everything you have done since you have been in office. Your leadership has been smart, sound, and humane, and I'm proud to call you my President. I do have one thing I want to ask though: please, will you create some way the students protesting the war in Gaza and Israel can feel heard? These kids are acting just like my generation did in the 60's. I understand. But I also remember Richard Nixon's nasty backchannel deal on Vietnam that probably helped hm win the election by spllitting the Democratic party. And I will never forget--ever, ever; I had friends there--what happened at Kent State at just this time of year. It could be as simple as sending Senator Sanders on a listening tour. These kids need to feel seen and heard. I understand the situation in Gaza is insanely complex and that I cannot possibly be privy to all the diplomatic details. But this old lady is horrified more every day by what she reads in Washington Post and the NY Times. What Netanyahu is doing seems really, really immoral. I worry that division in the Democratic party will do to you what it did to Humphrey when I was the age of those kids. And I couldn't stand that. Please, sir, find some way to give them your ear. Thank you again for the work you do every day. And God bless America.

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