Let's Make Florida Affordable Again
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Let's Make Florida Affordable Again

To: Sen. Garcia, Rep. Basabe, Gov. Desantis

From: A constituent in Miami Beach, FL

January 23

It's time to fix "Florida-flation!" Florida is a beautiful state to live in, but we're feeling the squeeze as the cost of living goes up and our income stays flat. Utilities, Property insurance, auto insurance, property taxes and HOA fees are contributing to the problem. It's time for leaders to focus on solutions to lower costs and help us keep more of our hard-earned money. It's time to stop the squeeze! We need you to prioritize cracking down on costs: - Property Insurance: It's time to stand up to the property insurance industry that is driving up housing costs for everyone in this state. For too long, Florida has said to the property insurance industry, "we'll bail you out" and has left the everyday Floridians with fewer and fewer options when storms happen. It's time for the state to demand accountability -- and results -- for the costs the insurance industry is imposing. - Auto Insurance: It's time to tell the insurance companies who want to sell auto insurance in this state: if you want to do business in Florida, you need to offer competitive prices in home AND auto insurance. - Cost of Utilities We deserve a Public Service Commission that works for the people of Florida, not for the corporate utility monopolies. If we don't get a choice about who our electric company is, we should have the confidence that our utility regulator is working for us, and not approving out-of-control cost increases every year. It's time to crack down on the PSC and the the big electric monopolies. - Runaway HOA fees Homeowner Association fees -- or condo association fees -- are out of control, and many older Floridians are getting trapped in situations they can't afford; unable to sell and unable to afford where they live. It's time for a deal that works for us, not the HOA lawyers. We are counting on you to start prioritizing the pocketbooks of everyday Floridians. It's time to make Florida affordable again.

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