The U.S. judicial system
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The U.S. judicial system

To: Sen. Rubio

From: A verified voter in Hobe Sound, FL

May 31

You should be ashamed of yourself. I’m certainly ashamed of you. Comparing show trials in communist Cuba to a fair trial in a U.S. court? It’s un-American. The U.S. judicial system is the best in the world. And the NY trial of Donald Trump was a model of fairness and competence. And the real disgrace is that you know that. But you are willing to lie to audition to become Vice President. You aren’t fit for that office, or any other elected office. And neither is Trump. MAGA Republicans are pushing our country to the brink of fascist autocracy. If thats what you want, go back to Cuba. You don’t deserve to live in a democracy.

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