Denounce anti-democratic Project 2025 plot to undermine civil liberties
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Denounce anti-democratic Project 2025 plot to undermine civil liberties

To: Pres. Biden

From: A constituent in Camillus, NY

July 5

The Biden/Harris campaign, Democratic House and Senate campaigns should make the American public aware that the right-wing Project 2025 outlines plans for a potential Republican administration to reshape the federal government to impose an extremist far-right agenda. This dystopian vision includes dismantling democratic institutions, purging tens of thousands of federal workers deemed insufficiently conservative, trampling civil liberties like LGBTQ+ and reproductive rights, and promoting an illiberal Christian nationalist ideology hostile to pluralism and equality under the law. By tying every Republican candidate to this sinister scheme that betrays core American values, voters can assess whether they support this alarming attempt to transform the nation into an authoritarian state fundamentally at odds with constitutional democracy.

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