Implement rank choice voting now!
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Implement rank choice voting now!

To: Rep. Mariano, Gov. Healey, Sen. Keenan

From: A constituent in Quincy, MA

May 30

Ranked choice voting is a fairer, more democratic system that gives voters greater choice and empowers them to vote for the candidates they truly want without worrying about wasting their vote or inadvertently helping non-preferred candidates win. With ranked choice voting, voters can rank candidates in order of choice. If a candidate wins a majority of first choices, they are elected. If not, the candidate with the fewest votes is eliminated and voters who selected them have their vote transferred to their next ranked choice. This cycle continues until one candidate reaches a majority and wins, ensuring majority rule with a single round of voting. Implementing ranked choice voting will strengthen majority rule, discourage negative campaigning, promote more civil campaigns focused on issues, and make our democracy more representative. It's time to modernize our elections with ranked choice voting. I urge you to support this commonsense reform that upholds democratic principles.

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