Restore NASA funding for Chandra X-Ray Observatory
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Restore NASA funding for Chandra X-Ray Observatory

To: Sen. Butler, Sen. Padilla, Rep. Pelosi

From: A constituent in San Francisco, CA

June 3

Please restore full funding (approximately $70M/yr) to NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory in any FY25 legislation. Specifically the NASA Astrophysics Budget It would be a massive waste of funding if shut down early just because of budget whims. It’s given huge ROI and has many years ahead of it. Chandra is healthy, efficient, and returning its best-of-mission science. Its greatest discoveries lie ahead. It is critical that full funding to Chandra is restored before it’s too late. Without Congress, the proposed FY25 funding for Chandra would mandate devastating cuts to Mission Staffing by the fall of 2024, potentially leading to loss of the mission. Premature loss of Chandra will result in a death spiral for X-ray astronomy in the United States, resulting evaporation of a talented national workforce, and ceding US Leadership in the most important cosmic discoveries of the coming decade

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