Initiate ethical divestment from weapons, uphold human rights
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Initiate ethical divestment from weapons, uphold human rights

To: Lt. Gov. Patrick, Sen. Eckhardt, Rep. Cole, Gov. Abbott

From: A verified voter in Austin, TX

May 8

Public universities have a responsibility to align their investments with ethical principles that prioritize human rights and peace. The ongoing violence and humanitarian crisis in the occupied Palestinian territories are deeply concerning, with countless civilian casualties and widespread destruction. It is unacceptable for educational institutions to financially support companies that manufacture weapons used in these conflicts or enable the oppression of civilians. While divestment may face political challenges, it is a powerful statement against complicity in human rights violations and a moral imperative for socially responsible institutions. The board of regents must uphold the university's core values by initiating a thorough review of investments tied to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and weapons manufacturers. Divesting from these unethical industries would send a strong message rejecting violence and affirming the university's commitment to justice and human dignity. Refusal to take action implicates the university in perpetuating injustice and undermines its credibility as an ethical leader. I urge the regents to initiate the divestment process without delay as a crucial step towards building a more just and peaceful world. The moral cost of inaction is simply too high.

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