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Your Speech Today

To: Pres. Biden

From: A verified voter in Charlotte, NC

May 2

Your speech today is a disgrace. You are either totally uninformed or willfully ignoring the facts. Zionist and cops are the only violent actors at US University, and you are giving them the greenlight to attack their fellow citizens. You claim that America isn't an authoritarian country and the people are heard? You are literally driving us off a cliff and we are SCREAMING AND BEGGING you to WAKE UP but you continue with your bloodthirsty rampage. There has never been a worse presidential campaign, which is impressive considering Hillary. Turn off your damn cable TV and listen to everyone telling you the TRUTH about the GENOCIDE being carried out. It's not a secret. You can't just launder lies through cable TV anymore. You need to resign and drop out of the race. You are a disgrace. Let a candidate with honesty and decency replace you.

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