We will lose in Nov unless you start keeping Israel accountable for genocide
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We will lose in Nov unless you start keeping Israel accountable for genocide

To: Pres. Biden

From: A verified voter in Issaquah, WA

May 27

The Israeli air strikes on al-Maghazi and Rafah that killed 44 Palestinian civilians, including 32 children, offer devastating evidence of unlawful attacks and war crimes committed by Israeli forces. These disproportionate attacks targeted residential areas, showing a blatant disregard for civilian lives. The Israeli military continues to escalate its operations despite international condemnation, trampling on human rights and committing atrocities with impunity. This pattern of violence against Palestinian civilians, including the forced displacement of nearly one million people in Gaza, cannot be tolerated. Urgent action must be taken to protect innocent lives and uphold international law. The International Criminal Court must swiftly investigate these incidents as war crimes and prosecute those responsible. Furthermore, a complete ceasefire and end to the ground incursion into Rafah is imperative to prevent further civilian casualties and human suffering. The international community has a moral obligation to intervene and hold Israel accountable for its actions. All available diplomatic pressure must be exerted to compel Israel to immediately halt its military assault, respect human rights, and pursue a just and lasting peace through dialogue and negotiations with Palestinian authorities. Allowing this genocide to continue unchecked will only breed more violence, insecurity, and resentment in the region. I'm not sure what youre thinking but you will lose this elección unless you do a 180 on Palestine. I'm a parent pushing 40 who has always voted blue no matter who and I cannot in good conscience vote for you or anyone who hasn't kept Israel accountable for a literal genocide, no matter what your administration refuses to call it and how many mental gymnastics y'all do. Same for my local reps, I won't be voting for them unless I see a strong stand against genocide. That's my red line. And for the record, I am terrified of Trump. But what's the point of voting for a party that's corroding the first amendment right and supporting a genocide? Why are my choices a criminal and someone who much rather represent another country than his voting block? I rather not vote or vote third party. And most of my community feels the same or are angrier. Please pres. Biden, please please stop this madness. I truly think you guys cannot see that this will not blow over, you will lose the election if you dint change directions and quick. I hope you and your campaign realize this is political suicide. And if y'all are okay with that, then please step aside. Give us a fighting chance. I hope you can hear me and not roll your eyes. Please, we have children and this is not the world we want them to inherit.

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