No aid to Israel without conditions and humanitarian aid to Gazans!
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No aid to Israel without conditions and humanitarian aid to Gazans!

To: Sen. Schmitt, Rep. Smith, Sen. Hawley

From: A constituent in Park Hills, MO

February 8

The World Health Organization warns that unless fighting in Gaza stops and substantially more aid is delivered immediately, the death toll there from hunger and preventable disease could overtake the number killed in the bombardment. Urgently addressing the humanitarian crisis in Gaza is not only a moral imperative but a vital US and Israeli national security priority. So I’m writing to ask that aid to Israel be passed ONLY alongside humanitarian relief and with necessary oversight measures to ensure our aid is used in compliance with US and international law—especially since Benjamin Netanyahu just rejected a carefully negotiated ceasefire proposal. He’s apparently fine with continued carnage in Gaza, but that doesn’t mean we should be, and it definitely doesn’t mean we should help pay for it. Leaders from all countries involved—especially the U.S.—should be focussed on getting the remaining hostages home, pressuring Netanyahu to step down, saving innocent people in Gaza, and working out a peace agreement that includes the establishment of a Palestinian state. More weaponry with no strings attached accomplishes none of that. Thanks.

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