An open letter to Rep. Blumenauer, Sen. Wyden, Sen. Merkley.
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An Open Letter

To: Rep. Blumenauer, Sen. Wyden, Sen. Merkley

From: A constituent in Portland, OR

May 30

The Department of Justice has a constitutional and statutory basis to request that Justices Alito and Thomas recuse themselves from cases related to the January 6th attack due to perceived conflicts of interest. The due process clause and federal statute 28 U.S.C. Section 455 mandate judicial disqualification when impartiality is questionable. With controversies over their potential connections to "Stop the Steal" efforts, allowing them to hear these cases could undermine public faith in the impartiality of the judicial system. By petitioning the other Supreme Court justices, the DOJ can compel Alito and Thomas to recuse based on ethical principles, not mere discretion. This measure is necessary to uphold the integrity of the legal process in these highly consequential proceedings.

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