Protect and codify the right to contraception
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Protect and codify the right to contraception

To: Sen. Cruz, Rep. Doggett, Sen. Cornyn

From: A constituent in Austin, TX

June 6

Every American should have the right to access and use contraception without government interference. The recent vote in the Senate to block federal protections for contraception access is deeply concerning. Contraception enables families to plan and space pregnancies in line with their personal decisions, needs, and circumstances. It is an essential part of reproductive healthcare. This is not a partisan issue - the ability to access contraception has long been affirmed by the Supreme Court and is supported by the vast majority of Americans across the political spectrum. Public policies should respect personal freedom and prevent government overreach into private decisions regarding family planning. I urge you to support legislative efforts that enshrine contraception rights and prevent states from enacting harmful restrictions that endanger healthcare access for millions. Taking action to safeguard this fundamental freedom is vital for the well-being of individuals and families nationwide.

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