Apologize for hosting a known abuser at White House
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Apologize for hosting a known abuser at White House

To: Pres. Biden

From: A verified voter in Portland, ME

May 30

I am appalled that you would host Don McClean at the White House. You are meant to be an advocate, working on new strategies to address violence against women and increase funding for VAWA. You are meant to have the backs of women, who powered your campaign, and the economy through Covid. We were counting on you to include women in plans to “Build Back Better” Domestic violence increased in Maine - and elsewhere - during the pandemic and recent abortion bans are making those States terrifying for pregnant women who experience DV. Yet the White House is doing nothing to address these risks. The symbolism in hosting a known batterer and ignoring his victim and her organization is grim. I hope you will make amends immediately, including listening closely to the needs Patricia McClean articulates so well.

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