An open letter to Sen. Luján, Sen. Heinrich, Rep. Leger Fernandez.
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An Open Letter

To: Sen. Luján, Sen. Heinrich, Rep. Leger Fernandez

From: A verified voter in Santa Fe, NM

May 3

If you are not aware, Congressman Troy Nehls has been wearing military awards to which he is not entitled, including a Bronze Star. I have included the link to a CBS article outlining his stolen valor. As a retired Navy Commander with twenty years of continuous service, including a six month tour in Kuwait with the Expeditionary Medical Facility- Camp Pendleton detachment, 2005-06, I find his actions reprehensible. As a nurse with the Wounded Warrior Battalion-Camp Pendleton, I worked with Marines who saw actual combat, suffered grievous injuries and watched their fellow Marines die. Congressman Nehls did none of these things. To present himself in this light is a slap in the face to every service member who was involved in actual combat. I ask that you request an ethics committee investigation into this stolen valor and move to expel him from Congress.

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