Support peaceful path to Israeli-Palestinian conflict resolution
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Support peaceful path to Israeli-Palestinian conflict resolution

To: Sen. Padilla, Rep. Mullin, Sen. Butler

From: A verified voter in San Francisco, CA

May 4

The continued violence and loss of life in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is deeply concerning. A ceasefire and path towards a peaceful resolution that respects the rights and security of both peoples is urgently needed. As you mention, economic pressure through boycotts, divestment and sanctions could potentially provide leverage to push for a ceasefire and revive prospects for a negotiated two-state solution establishing an independent Palestinian state alongside Israel. However, some argue that such measures primarily harm ordinary Palestinians by reducing economic opportunities, or that singling out Israel alone is discriminatory when other nations also deserve scrutiny over human rights issues. Others view the boycott movement itself as rooted in anti-Semitic rhetoric that rejects Israel's very existence as a Jewish state. These are complex issues without easy answers. Ultimately, a lasting peace will require all parties to negotiate in good faith, address core grievances, and make difficult compromises in line with international law and human rights principles. Peaceful protest and economic measures can raise awareness and apply pressure, but should avoid unnecessarily punishing civilians and be accompanied by a genuine commitment to dialogue from all sides. The path forward demands wisdom, empathy and perseverance to end this longstanding, tragic conflict.

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