Enact binding Supreme Court ethics code maintaining judicial integrity
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Enact binding Supreme Court ethics code maintaining judicial integrity

To: Pres. Biden, Sen. Smith, Rep. McCollum, Sen. Klobuchar

From: A constituent in Saint Paul, MN

May 24

Congress should pass a stronger ethics code for the Supreme Court to address growing concerns about potential conflicts of interest and lack of accountability mechanisms. Recent reports revealing Justice Alito flying political flags and Justice Thomas accepting undisclosed gifts and trips from wealthy benefactors have undermined public trust in the court's impartiality. The voluntary code adopted by the justices lacks meaningful enforcement provisions. Sen. Whitehouse's proposed legislation would compel the Supreme Court to establish a binding ethics code with an independent review process for alleged violations. This would promote due process and allow scrutiny of justices' conduct that could call into question the integrity of the nation's highest court. While the Constitution safeguards judicial independence, Congress has historically exercised its authority to regulate the court through funding, setting judicial numbers, and recusal rules. Passing this bill would signal that unchecked partisan affiliations and potential corrupting influences among Supreme Court justices will not be tolerated. It is a necessary step to uphold the public's faith in an impartial judiciary that remains accountable and ethical. Inaction risks allowing the Supreme Court to become further compromised and its authority diminished. Congress must act to preserve this critical institution's legitimacy.

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