Reconsider Definition Risks to Free Speech, Promote Education
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Reconsider Definition Risks to Free Speech, Promote Education

To: Sen. Padilla, Rep. Pelosi, Sen. Butler

From: A constituent in San Francisco, CA

May 1

Do not pass this bill – it attempts to codify a definition of antisemitism that equates criticism of Israel with hate against Jewish people. This dangerously impinges on freedom of expression by legislating what speech is permissible regarding the Israeli government's policies and actions. While countering antisemitism is crucial, curtailing constitutionally protected speech under the pretense of combating hate sets an alarming precedent that undermines core democratic values. There must be a firm line separating denouncing anti-Jewish bigotry from restricting discourse on issues of public importance. This legislation blurs that line in a manner antithetical to American principles of free speech.

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